2017 > Won't You Care

Won't You Care is a 20 minute work that premiered in 2017 in Megan's self-produced concert, In The Presence of Chasms. The work investigates the way anger, fear, longing, and desire inhabit relationships in both the political and personal arenas and asks: what’s the difference between making speeches, speaking, and being heard?

During the piece, four female performers create a landscape of political imagery with speeches, gesture, and civil-war-era songs. Curtains made of folded paper on movable rolling racks create temporary walls to configure and reconfigure the performance area.

The work also explored new ways to engage the audience. During the 20 minutes prior to the performance, audience members were invited to stop at a table in the lobby and write on a piece of origami paper a response to a prompt used by the the performers during the creative process: What's something you wish you could say to everyone? They could then fold their paper into a shape such as a check mark, envelope, or heart, using instructions provided by a docent. These origami reflections were hung on the movable curtains used in the piece. Both the audience's and the performer's responses to the prompt were read aloud by the performers during the piece.